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A memorial was built by the British to commemorate the events surrounding the fort and its marks the spot where the fortress was finally taken by the North Borneo Constabulary Armed Forces. It is on 1st February 1900. 

Memorial of Mat Salleh

Mat Salleh had fallen on 31st January 1900. He had led a 6 years resistance against the ruling of North Borneo Chartered Company. Mat Salleh was a merely a rebel to British but he was a warrior who fought for independence to locals.

The Mat Salleh memorial was opened in 1999 as a tribute to remember Mat Salleh. The memorial was placed at the exact site where he was killed which was at Kampung Tibabar in Tambunan.

The picture of inside the memorial

The memorial is surrounded by a garden. It is resembles a fort. In the memorial, it houses Mat Salleh's photograph and some of his weapons. On the outside of the memorial, it has a bronze plaque reads. The plaque marks the site of Mat Salleh's fort.

Picture of the plaque marks the site of Mat Salleh's fort

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