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Central authority in Sabah was weak before the arrival of the British. Each part was governed by Brunei government and another part was governed by Sulu government.

The picture of British North Borneo Chartered Company (SBUB)

   Through this, local chiefs and traditional elites relative autonomy may
        practice influence and power to regulate trade in the area.
  The local inhabitants can be protected from excessive exploitation by
        foreign traders.

During the late 19th century between 1881 until 1941, the British arrived and administration in North Borneo lasted sixty years. The British was under the London-based British North Borneo Chartered Company. Their aimed was to transform North Borneo to be a producer of various agricultural products especially tobacco.

Many changes had been brought by them such as :
  New taxation laws also had been imposed.
  Administrative centre had been set up.
  Introduced poll-tax and passes for boats on local elites and traditional

Some of the people who were cooperated with British abused their authorities and overtaxed the natives. This lead to dissatisfaction among the locals.

So, what it the relationship between British North Borneo Chartered Company and Mat Salleh? What is the connection between them? And what will happened next? Do not forget to continue reading the next post.

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