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The real name of Mat Salleh was Datu Muhammad Salleh Datu Balu. From other resource mentioned that the real name of Mat Salleh was Datu Shariff Abdul Rashid Bin Datu Shariff Muhammad Salleh. Mat Salleh had varieties of nicknames. One of it was Shariff Abdul Salam.

The picture of Mat Salleh

Mat Salleh was born in Inanam in North Borneo. He was described as slender and tall besides as a mysterious and intelligent man. He had commanding personality and presence. He also was well-respected besides had great tactical skill which well-known by the local communities. Mat Salleh was originated from the Suluk Paitan ethnic group.

"A" is Inanam, the place where Mat Salleh was born

His father, Datu Balu or anakanda Sultan Iskandar Qudratullah Muhammad Jamalul Azam Sultan Magindanao who got married with a girl named Pangeran Siti Aishah Binti Pangeran Abdul Rauf which came from the Bajau ethnic group. His father was a traditional leader in Inanam and also a member of the Suluk community. 

Mat Salleh had four siblings named Ali, Mat Salleh, Badin and lastly Bolong. Later, Mat Salleh's got married with a Sulu princess named Dayang Bandang who was related with Sultan Sulu's family. Dayang Bandang's village was at Pennggalaban, Paitan. Mat Salleh took over the duties of his father as the village chieftain in the Lingkabo district and Sugut River.

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